Culture Bugs!

All Arts All Day Long: Culture Bugs' Wildly Artful Summer 2018

Culture Bugs Summer Manga Intensive!
The most immersive manga program on the planet!

Three glamorous, manga-filled, week-long sessions in August.

August 13-17
August 20-24
August 27-31

Phone Now to Register: 917-318-9499.

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Now in its 19th arts-exploding summer, this Best of New York arts program revs up for another fantastic year of ART, ART and MUCH MORE ART than ever before. This year, Culture Bugs! offers a summer of magical manga un especially designed for kids with some of the city's most talented, experienced resident teaching artists! Kids from 6-17: Prepare for the most inspiring summer of your life!,

One thing for sure: At Culture Bugs you will NEVER be bored!

Why scramble for something to do, when something great is right at your door?

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HI ART!– New York’s premiere arts program – presents its eighteenth summer of CULTURE BUGS! the city’s most brilliant and exhilarating mini-camp in the contemporary arts.

Like Hi Art!, Culture Bugs! is fully committed to a creative, child-centered methodology that encourages children to express themselves freely, to develop a sense of ease, familiarity and mastery in the "high" arts, and have a ton of fun all at the same time.

Culture Bugs! integrates visits to the city’s most important museums and galleries with focused in-studio sessions of MANGA. Each child works according to his or her abilities, and appropriate faculty is available to work with both older and younger participants.

The program encourages children to take the lead in dictating the shape of projects, and the continued emphasis on well-defined themes gives them a sense of autonomy and creative freedom.

Culture Bugs! Is there such a thing as a typical day?

While we pride ourselves in our flexibility and artistic flow, there is nonetheless an identifiable format for the typical day. We start with free drawing, then a warm-up. Sometimes part of an anime to explore how a character develops. Then it’s on to deep drawing. Difficulty depends upon level, but every child has incredible one-on-one support. Manga is great - it’s formulaic at the same time as it’s super creative — so kids get the support they need from amazingly experienced artists in step-by-step training, at the same time that they develop a personal voice.

Whenever there’s something great to see out in the world — in galleries or museums around town — we fit it in. Manga has the advantage of being very flexible. So if we want to draw in the garden at MoMa, or out at a cafe over lunch WE CAN!  Over the past nineteen years our myriad outings have left no artful stone unturned! We’ve seen every major show in the area including: Joan Mitchell at the Whitney, Mariko Mori’s POD, Alexander Calder at Storm King, the welded steel show at the Neuberger Museum, Rauschenberg’s Synapsis Shuffle at the Whitney, the Kusama retropsective at MOMA, Frank Gehry at the Guggenheim, DADA and the list goes on and on. We’ve even ridden the rails to the DIA center in Beacon! Thought-provoking lessons and activities either precede or follow gallery visits encouraging children to incorporate impressions and insights gained into their own artwork.

You may not think of lunch as art-driven, but believe it or not, it¹s a big deal at Culture Bugs! Like every activity we do, lunch is part of our adventure ­ whether at Pepe Giallo in Chelsea, or every kid¹s favorite: Eat on Eight in our old building at 601 West 26th Street – lunch is about choice and freedom and the art of eating.

Feel free to call with any questions you might have: 917-318-9499.

As always, children will be swept up by the best gallery hops, the most wonderful, work with imaginative HiArt! teachers, a steady stream of endless inspiration and encouragement. As the great Dada, Tristan Tzara, said, “Accept no forgeries!”

HiArt! where everything artful is possible!

Culture Bugs! Summer 2018
Mini-Camp Schedule

For kids from 6-17

Magical Manga Mini-Camps Summer 2018

MANGA-LOVING KIDS OF ALL LEVELS (Ages 6-17) Monday-Friday including kid friendly lunch every day

Culture Bugs!
Mini-Camp Enrollment Terms and Conditions

• All enrollments are for the full session and are non-refundable. There will be no refund for early withdrawals from the summer program and absolutely no refunds will be made for withdrawals after May 1.

• Hi Art! reserves the right to either withdraw a child or request that he/she be accompanied by an adult if the program, at its discretion, deems this to be warranted. There will be no refund in the event of our request that a child be withdrawn for disciplinary reasons.

• Registration is complete only upon the signed return of the enrollment form, the completion of all paperwork and full payment of Tuition.

• Limited scholarship aid is available. Requests for application should be made to the director. • The signator agrees and undertakes to insure that neither the child being enrolled nor any adult accompanying the child during Hi Art! activities will in any way endanger, or threaten to endanger, the safety or well being of any person in or associated with the program. If in the sole judgment of HI ART! personnel, any such child or adult does so endanger or threaten to endanger other persons, HI ART! reserves the right to discontinue the child's enrollment without consultation or other process, and without refund of any Tuition or fee.

• Children and/or their work may be photographed during the course of activities and these photographs may appear in HI ART! promotional materials. No child whose photograph is used will be identified by name, nor will any compensation be awarded for use of said photographs. • HiArt! Kids reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment and assumes no liability whatsoever beyond the refund of Tuition for said classes.


Hyeondo Park

Satie's PARADE

Thanks so much for giving Milo a wonderful camp experience! He had a great time and made some beautiful things. He is now a die-hard Murakami fan. And now, whenever he makes something, he asks, "what would Cindie say?" Your enthusiasm is infectious and I look forward to enrolling Milo in future courses.

-Mary H.


Dear Cyndie, I just had to report-Kate just gave me and her father a manga lesson. She organized the supplies, and gave clear and precise instructions, easy to understand and follow, and demonstrated how to. When our product failed to please us, she encouraged us with noting how much she had studied and practiced to reach her current level of expertise. She was so excellent! And happy! And proud! Thanks to you and all the other teachers for such a wonderful program this summer.

- Susan Power Johnston

great ovid


Cyndie with the boys

Kids drawing



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